• Pudle is a new type of watering can - except its not a can, nor is it like any of the current products in its market sector.

  • Pudle is more eco friendly than traditional designs- its simple durable single piece construction makes for easier maintenance & end of life recycling.

  • Pudle uses a widely available & widely recycled polymer: Low Density Polyethylene, >LDPE< is tough, UV & frost resistant meaning Pudle can live outdoors all year round.

  • Pudle has an open top which allows it to catch rain water (hence the name). This also makes it really easy to fill from a water butt or an outside tap.

  • Pudle is easy to maintain - No more snails getting stuck in the spout. Its easy to remove debris or rinse out your Pudle.

  • Pudle is stackable - You can fit ~140 pieces per 1.2m x1m pallet (as per HSE Pallet Guidance Notes PM15).

  • Pudle has a far superior shipping density compared to a traditional watering can. Transporting less wasted volume is greener.

  • Pudle also occupies a much smaller footprint in the retail space; an important consideration for both retail stockists & on-line retailers. Pudle has a very low cost/m2 in the retail space.

  • Pudle has a 7 litre capacity and a low ~7.7kg weight when filled.

  • Pudle will be manufactured in the UK. The superior shipping density makes Pudle ideal for export markets.

  • Pudle is a registered design, UK IPO 6020474, the Pudle name & logo are protected by trade mark UK00003276080


Pudle is a registered design, UK IPO 6020474

Pudle is a registered design, UK IPO 6020474