Frequently Asked Questions

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Why dont you do a red Pudle.JPG

Why don't you do red?

Red watering cans have traditionally been used for poison or weed killers.

There are a couple of good reasons that we don't offer a red Pudle:

  • The open top design lends itself to catching water but also makes Pudle an unsuitable container for chemicals.

  • Pudle would prefer gardeners to consider alternatives to weed killers (where possible) to promote healthy soil for all.

If you do need to use a chemical treatment consider using a sealed, presurised spray pump with a fine spray. You can treat a larger area more accurately & effectively.

Please remember to read all the instructions and be mindful of pets, wildlife and young children before treating an area.

Where can I recycle a Pudle?

Because a Pudle has single piece construction it is a really simple product to recycle. This was an important factor in the design of Pudle. Good design should always encompass the whole product life-cycle including disposal & end-of-life recycling. All good things come to an end one day. Disposing of your Pudle responsibly will minimise its impact on the environment.

The >LDPE< material (Low Density PolyEthylene) is covered by Recycling Code 4 for plastics.

If you look on the bottom of your Pudle you will see a logo (like the one shown right). Check with your local council or recycling collection operator to see if Recycling Code 4 plastics are collected in your area. >LDPE< is widely recycled so your Pudle could end up making something completely different.

Pudle would like to create a list of councils that collect Recycling Code 4 waste products. Please drop us a line on if you accept this type of waste.


Recycling code 4.JPG

Pudle water level fill line 7 litres.JPG

Why is there only one size?

During the research and development phase of Pudle it was decided that a 7 litre capacity would be the optimum size for the design.

A 7 litre capacity gives the Pudle a filled weight of around 7.7kg (when filled to the marked line around the inside of the Pudle). The open top of the Pudle was also designed to allow easy access beneath the tap of a water butt. Where possible Pudle recommends that you use collected rain water for watering your plants rather than potable drinking water.

Tip: Don't forget that an empty Pudle makes a handy container to collect dead-heads & weeds on your return trip to the water butt.